Refund policy

Refund policy
Returns & Exchanges:
  • Do you accept changes to your sold items?

As these are limited edition and exclusive products, no changes are allowed.

  • Do you accept returns on your sales?

If upon receiving your product you see that it is not at all what you expected, it is possible to return the product.

  • What conditions do you put to accept changes and/or returns?

To be able to verify that the product is in the same conditions in which it was sent.

  • Who pays for the return shipping?

Paulii & Unicas assumes the return shipping

  • How will you make the money back?

By the same payment method that the customer has used

  • How many days does the customer have to return the product to you?

The customer has one week to return the product.

  • In what condition must the item be for you to return the money?

In the same conditions in which the product was sent to you.